Motorcycle Rental

Motorcycle rental / bike rental Yogyakarta Indonesia, +628151645690 WhatsApp and BB pin 263BB77C

Address: Perum. Puri Domas D3, Wedomartani Yogyakarta, Indonesia
628151645690 WhatsApp and BB pin 263BB77C

Ryantrans Rent Motor is committed to being a reliable partner rent your bike. Ryantrans provide shuttle service between the motor and a low price and a fleet of new bikes.

@ Motor 24 Hours: 75,000
Honda Vario
Honda Scoopy
Honda Spacy
Yamaha Mio
Yamaha Mio J
Honda Beat
Honda Revo

Rent Motor with Shuttle Service

Want to rent a bike but do not want to spend time around in circles looking for a place persewaannya? Ryantrans Rent Motor comes with a breakthrough shuttle service motorcycle rental. Live WhatsApp / pin / sms to Ryantrans, the motor will be directly delivered to your place.

Quality and vehicle performance no doubt because of all the available fleet is the latest in motor output (in 2012 and above). Each bike also comes with 2 helmets and raincoats standard for your safety. With rents are cheap and affordable, Ryantrans Rent Motor is a reliable partner for your motorcycle rental business.

Free Delivery vehicle shuttle from / to Airport, Tugu Station, Malioboro

Bebekeran, WhatsApp 628151645690 pin bb 263BB77C
Yogyakarta is an affordable tourist paradise. Enough 200rb/hari: 50rb for lodging, 50rb to rent motorcycles, the rest to eat, sightseeing, shopping and souvenirs. Here is more info on the motor rental Yogyakarta / Jogja. WhatsApp 628151645690 & 263BB77C BB pin.

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